What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dental professional who has completed additional schooling beyond dental school. This additional training focuses on performing root canal treatment and other dental procedures dealing with the interior of teeth, as well as diagnosing tooth pain. An endodontist from Boston Endodontics is a popular choice for those seeking dental treatments to save teeth rather than removing and/or replacing them.

Specialized Expertise in Saving Teeth

Endodontists focus on treatments of the dental pulp. These dental professionals don’t place fillings or clean teeth like general dentists as they dedicate their time to both diagnosing and treating tooth pain in patients of all ages. An endodontist in Boston is skilled at finding the cause of either facial or oral pain that has been difficult to diagnose by a general dentist.

Endodontists use special techniques to ensure their patients are comfortable during these invasive treatments. Their goal is to relieve patients of tooth pain after treatment, when either pulp inflammation or pulp infection is healed. The use of 3-D imaging or digital X-rays to see detailed pictures of tooth anatomy helps them diagnose the need for root canals or tooth infections. With dental microscopes to see inside root canals, they can better treat them for their patients.

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Our dental professionals at Boston Endodontics are all members of the American Association of Endodontists. We welcome new patients and appreciate the chance to offer superior dental care when it’s needed most. Our unique Boston practice is committed to providing quality dental care in a comfortable environment. To schedule an appointment with an endodontist in Boston Endodontics today, call our dental office at (617) 742-3525 or our Lynnfield office at 781-245-8828.